9/5 - Updating the page!
With my new computer up and running... I've been dedicating a lot of time to working on Hackster. So far I've taken a break from making the stat editors, and I'm getting the graphic editors up and running.
I swear... sometimes I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this thing the first time. Every graphic editor (in previous versions) had it's own engine. Why? They were all the same! Oye! So... I'm finishing up the universal graphic editing engine for 1.0. Implementing the engine to each screen is a snap... so the grahpics shouldn't take too long. I also put the data-dumping feature into a couple of windows. They work out well... but each one is unique and thus somewhat a pain to code.
After I get the graphic editors going... I'll put in bitmap import/exporting capabilities right away... since (if they're all using the same engine), it'll be very easy.
There's also those tricky graphic editors (tile graphic editors & battle graphic editors), that will have to allow you to change the shape of the image (Chaos/Fiend shape). I still gotta think about how I'm going to manage that.
So that leaves.... graphic editing (partially done), data im/exporting (mostly done), touching up the Map editors, and finalizing! Getting closer and closer every day.
Also, I updated the progress page. Sorry for lack of updates, but this new computer business had me hung up for a while (installing software... recovering from crash, reinstalling software, etc). Now it's solid, though ;)

8/29 - Progress Update / Future Plans
I forgot who.. but a long time ago someone suggested some kind of data preview for the level up screen so you'd know what the hell you're doing. So I decided to get off my ass and put in a previewer... but viewing 1 level at a time wasn't too conveinient... so I made it preview 4 levels at a time. Blah, blah... check out this screenshot which was just taken from my Class editor. As you can see it gives you a preview of all your stats as well as what you're HP will be at that level, and how much magic you'll have. Pretty damn slick if I do say so myself.
Anyway, just need to finish up this screen (should have it done my tomorrow), then I'll finish the Map editor (might take a while), then the graphic editors (even greater while), then I'll be almost done!
Since I was called a sell-out bastard by a few people (and because I didn't really want to), Hackster shirts will not be made by me. So that poll is down, and a new poll is up! I've got a few ideas for what I should do once I finish Hackster... but input is always good. So what do you think I should do? Here are my options:
  • I could look into making other Hacksters for other FF's
  • I could take a break from programming and do my own FF1 hack (which would be slick if I ever finished it... lots of good ideas for this)
  • I could program my own RPG (which I've wanted to do for a while). I *started* this RPG a while ago. I stole the graphics from SD3 and a cool art webpage that I lost the address to.
  • Or, I could make my graphical remake of Moria that I started a while ago. If you've never heard of Moria... go here

Vote, but vote soon because I can't keep these demos up forever.

On a completely unrelated note... I got an E-mail from Rubicant of Omniplay Gaming saying that the forums well be up eventually... but it'll be a bit longer. In the meantime, you can say hi on the Omniplay forums.

8/28 - New computer!
Not like you care... but I got a new computer. Hahahaha. It'll be pretty slick... no more putting up with stupid stuff because my dad wants it on his computer. Now it MY computer! Hahahaha.
Anyway, I wasn't able to put in as much work on Hackster as I would've liked to... but I did get a lot done. If you visit the progress page, not only will you notice that screenshots are up, but you'll also see that Hackster looks like it's almost done! Putting in grahpic editing will take a while, though. It's a lot of work and I lose interest after a while (and need to take a break).
I've broken it down and this is all that's left:
  • Add graphic editing to the battle screen. A bigger job than it seems because I have to allow for changable shapes of Fiends/Chaos as well as palette assignments. Oye
  • Finish up the class editor (which is integrating with the Level up editor). I'll have to put graphic editing in there too... goodie.
  • Add graphic editing to the Magic/Weapon screens. This is easy because they're both the same and the pics are small.
  • Make battle backdrop graphics editable. Shouldn't be too hard.
  • Make map tile graphics (for overworld and standard maps) editable. This is a pain because each tile is composed of 4 pics which are sometimes shared with other tiles... I also have to make those 4 pics editable.
  • Finish up the Standard map editor... it's getting there... but I took a break and am now working on the other screens.
  • Data Importing/exporting. It'll be a snap.
  • Finalize basic functions... i.e. get the data files to load correctly...get all menu options working. Make sure all windows are in place, etc, etc.
  • Write up the readme. Yippie
  • Bugfix, test, more bugfixing.
  • Release!

Wow that looks like a lot now that I look back. Stay tuned everyone!

8/26 - Would YOU buy a Hackster shirt?
So... I was talking wih my buddy, and he says, "Dude... you should make Hackster shirts and sell them... you know like those 8-bit theater and Sinfest guys".
I replied with "Dude... there's no way someone's going to pay money for a Hackster shirt". We talked some more and stuff and I figured (since I'm putting up a poll anyway), why not ask people? So the new poll is: "Would you buy a Hackster shirt?"
It's kind of pointless because I probably won't end up making Hackster shirts, but it would be nice to know. It would be a black shirt with that nifty Hackster logo (good old Tzar & Zero Soul) and a snappy catch phrase that I have yet to come up with. If I can't make the shirts black, there won't be any shirts. A white Hackster shirt doesn't seem right to me.
I know I would gladly wear my Hackster shirt! :D
Oh yeah... no update to the progress page because I didn't work on Hackster yesterday (worked all day). So too bad! Also... if anyone has ideas on a better way to arrange the Level up editor, I'd love to hear them. I can't think of a better way and the old way sucks. You can E-mail ideas to [email protected], or you can check out OPGaming's forums until the Hackster forum is up.
Nuts! I just realized that Correcster and Corrupster aren't up. Oh well... I'll stick them up later tonight. Until next time kiddos!

8/25 - 5 Letter Character Names?
That's right! Good old Goongyae released another installment of his awesome gba roms patch. It now allows for 5 character player names. On top of that... if gives you default names! How sweet is that! Check this patch out... it's very sweet.
As far as Hackster goes... right now I'm working on the Standard Map editor (it's been separated from the Overworld editor for lots of reasons). It's loading info OK... but no editing yet. It'll go quick... I can copy and paste lots of code from the other map editor and from the old Hackster (I know... sloppy, but do you really care?)
Check out the new logo curtosy of Tzar! I think it's better than mine!
On another completely different note... I'm going to put up some polls on the site just to make it cooler. Hackster related polls... FF1 related polls... miscellaneous polls... you know... just to generate repeat hits :D. Ha ha ha! I love it!

8/23 - New page!
Celebration and whatnot! Hackster finally moved to a non-suckingrealbad server thanks to Tzar and all of Omniplay gaming who generouly offered to host this site! Hoorah! I also might be getting my own forum! (Notice the forum button on the left). It's not up yet, though (notice that the button doesn't work and is grey). I changed the theme of the site and made it darker. I also TRASHED the nice logo nds roms gave me in an attempt to make it fit the new theme. Oh well.. it's still better than any logo I could make. Anyway! On to regular news!
Good old Goongyae put out another installment of Final Facelift. By far the best facelift patch out there.

Hackster progresses! I put up a nice little progress page which'll give you the jist of what I've done so far. For version 1.0, I'm doing a much needed re-write. I made everything I could think of customizable. You can even change the pallete Hackster uses!

I've added neat stuff to the map editor; there's a pencil tool, a box tool (so you can fill in big sqaures), as well as 3 "smart" tools that I've developed (forest, mountain, and water by default... but it's all customizable). It's kind of like the box tool, but it puts that border around the edge. Hard to explain, but you'll see how cool it is when it comes out ;). Also, all the graphics (palettes and pattern tables) are now read from the ROM. So if you change the tiles, they'll show up CORRECTLY. I also gave you the option to tint each and any of the tiles 8 different colors. Oh yeah... and I got rid of that damn flicker.
More cool stuff includes a preview of the weapon and magic graphics. And the Magic preview is animated!

Lots of other cool stuff... add new shops... change tile attributes... etc... etc. Enjoy the new site! And hang in there... 1.0 will take a while, but it won't take forever!